Belmont Country Club Spring Wedding | Christi & Mike

  1. Maria La Pella says:

    I LOVE this collection and the heartwarming story created for Christi and Mike’s wedding day. As her very proud Aunt, I was honored to be in attendance and this amazing collection captures the intimate and significant moments of their wedding. So happy to receive these. I will treasure them forever. Love and Hugs, Ri-Ri

  2. Laura LaPella says:

    Wonderful Mariosa!!! These are fabulous!!! The ones with Mike and Christi are just phenomenal.
    Very glad to get to know you and talk with you on Saturday and watch you in action. Thanks for putting up with my amateur picture taking as well. You take such pride in what you do, as you should, you are truly talented, and your friend was pretty awesome too. Glad to make both of your acquaintances. What a magical day you captured.

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