I believe that everyone has a story, and our path leads us to where we need to go – your photographer is someone who will spend most of your wedding day with you and you want to be sure not to feel like a stranger. So I wanted to share a few facts about me! I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico where I lived till I was almost nine, my first language is Spanish and I still love all my salsa and merengue music! I met my husband Scott six weeks before moving to London for six months! I fell head over heels and we've been together ever since. …. we recently renewed our wedding vows for 20 years in 2015. We have two kids, Steven who is 18 and in college and Zoe who's 13 and in middle school. I graduated from Marymount University with a degree in Marketing and Psychology! I have a passion for traveling and lots of coffee!

I feel very blessed to be chosen to tell the story of such an important day in a person's life. Nothing stops a moment in time like a photograph, allowing all those emotions to come rushing back!

Hello, I'm marirosa!

PHOTOS with my couples

Being 4'11'' makes me one very short photographer, but that's totally to my benefit, I blend in and people usually don't realize I'm around... but it also means my couples are always taller (some times MUCH taller) than me. A few years ago I got in the middle and had my photo taken with one of my tallest couples...well that started a PBM tradition, where I always like to take a quick photo with my couples....just a small highlight of shooting weddings!

with my couples


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