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When love is meant to be it will happen! Sofia and Marcel grew up in two totally different parts of the world yet their paths aligned landing them both in the same location, meeting and falling in love. This past Saturday I was honored to document their wedding day! From the church to the reception […]

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The sweetest love story! Helen is such a sweet and very shy bride, Michael is the more outgoing one and together they truly balance each other out. She lights up when she sees him, he looks at her in complete love and everyone around them know how special this couple is. Their love story began […]

I believe in the in between moments - the looks, the smiles, the laughter, in seeing the happiness in the everyday. I believe in smiling often and laughing a lot, in that love has no age and welcome new friendships. Most of all I believe wedding photography are a part of all love stories that will last a lifetime and to be shared with future generations. 

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