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What a proposal love story… and when it’s a friend being proposed to it’s even sweeter!! I met Jennifer a few years back as she is handles events at Springfield Golf & Country Club and since then we’ve become friends. Fast forward to about 6 weeks ago and I get a Facebook message from Ali […]

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Due to the crazy weather over the last couple of months this engagement session had to be rescheduled multiple time and third time was a charm! This was a dream of a session! Arlene and JP are friends with the owners of the STUNNING winery – Delaplane Cellars, so when they scheduled this session I […]

I believe in the in between moments - the looks, the smiles, the laughter, in seeing the happiness in the everyday. I believe in smiling often and laughing a lot, in that love has no age and welcome new friendships. Most of all I believe wedding photography are a part of all love stories that will last a lifetime and to be shared with future generations. 

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