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Just about a month ago Zoe and I headed to Puerto Rico for a long weekend. This trip was different. I wanted to just ‘be’… we live such crazy lives that one place I always feel grounded is in Puerto Rico.  I wanted to enjoy the island, stay at an Airbnb to feel ‘home’ versus at a hotel – wanted to not have many plans but make decisions on a whim. That’s what we did. We spent time together, we talked, walked, laughed and ate. I didn’t take my main camera. I took my small point and shoot and my 35mm film camera.  I wanted to take photos of Puerto Rico, the streets, palm trees everything that in my mind I think of when I go back to my memories. I look at these images and feel in my heart I accomplished what I wanted. I wanted to put my voice to my beautiful resilient island and showcase it’s beauty.

What I love about this next photo – it’s real, it’s locals, just enjoying out beaches and sun. This was in front of the building we stayed at.

And this beauty – I adore her and her brother more than I’ll be able to express. I look into her eyes and I see everything I wish I could be – she is such a blessing.

Gimme a good local bakery – and mallorcas!

I wanted to be sure to document me on the island. Major bucket list. I reached out to Jose Ruiz a fellow Boricua photographer that I look up to and we made a date for a session in Old San Juan and I’ve never felt more in my element.

This  one touched my heart, saw it on the first day there – and it says it all.

and this guy… no idea who he is… but his smile and resilience made me happy. He saw me taking photos and said to me as I was going to cross the street… ‘Tomame una a mi’…. take one of me! and this is what I got. I wish I got his name, his story but just from this photo I see his simple happiness and zest for life!


This trip wrapped up faster than I imagined and I want to go back sooner than later – for now I keep the memories in my heart.


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