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When my dear friend Kari reached out to ask me to take a few photos of her parents – I made certain that I would make the time.  We live with moments that slip by way to quickly and after they are gone is when you realize that they occurred.  Life as we are used to can change in a moment creating a ‘new normal’.   Kari’s parents live in Arkansas – they met in high school, he was a senior and she was a sophomore. On this specific day, he was tossing paper wads at her in study hall, she asked his name (for a friend!) and after a brief introduction their story began. A week later he asked her to homecoming and she said yes. From that day on – their love story evolved and grew to marriage, three children, grandchildren and fast forward to now, where they will celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary this July.

When we say our wedding vows, the for better or worse, in sickness and in health….. and so on… we never know what the future will hold. We know that at that moment in time our future is with the person in front of us and our life journey will be shared.  See, about 5 years ago, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and began experiencing signs of Parkinson’s dementia four years ago.  Every day is a blessing and a gift, add these situations and you hold on to every wonderful moment and memory.  When they were in town last week, we made sure to get them in front of the camera.  You see, we had to be sure to be quick and needed to go with the  flow on how he was feeling.  Sometimes all you need is 10 minutes to capture a lifetime- I would of given them the entire day if that’s what it took, but looking through my lens and seeing her look at him… all we needed as a little time.

Her grace and love for him is evident, the way she takes care of him, fixing his shirt and the way she looks at him.  He is a very funny guy… and you never know what you are going to get – which kept things light and sweet. I loved being able to have him simple hold her hand and look at her and in that look you can see the love that has endured and will continue to endure what they are now going through, life changes, becoming a care giver and focusing on the moments we have together.

This photo – just captured my heart, the emotions captured in a moment in time – he was so sweet when I asked him to give her a quick kiss and what you can’t see, she went on her tippy toes so he could reach her easier.

Had to sneak one in with Kari!

Such a beautiful couple!

 Kari, thank you for letting me witness and capture just a few moments between your parents. They are amazing and wonderful!


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I believe in the in between moments - the looks, the smiles, the laughter, in seeing the happiness in the everyday. I believe in smiling often and laughing a lot, in that love has no age and welcome new friendships. Most of all I believe wedding photography are a part of all love stories that will last a lifetime and to be shared with future generations. 

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