Looking forward to 2018!


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Here we are, January 2nd and it’s time to look ahead into the year! There is so much I’m looking forward to. I feel like I’m in a different place inside, where I’m finally ‘content’ – not sure if that makes sense but to me it just works.  I have so much to be grateful for. My family, my friends, my couples and PBM families, my health, my fur babies and my list could go on and on…. as the beginning of each year comes up I  rush to ‘figure out my goals’ — but with that sometimes comes the feeling of not being enough which the makes me strive to set huge goals for myself and run the risk of letting myself down if I don’t reach them.  I’m trying to look at the year ahead differently. Being content with what I have, focusing on the small things, the moments we don’t get back and once in a while simply stopping long enough to take a deep breath, look around and be grateful.

From a business perspective, I am so excited for the 22 weddings already booked this year, and looking forward to a few more on the books. Each couple is amazing, I love their stories and so glad to have them as part of the PBM Family!

On the personal side – staying healthy, family time, traveling, hiking… (something new for me!)…

It’s tough for me to just list ‘goals’…. so during the time of me figuring all of this out and really putting my thoughts into what I wanted to focus on for this year, this quote kept coming to me – ‘do what makes your soul happy’…. which led me to exactly my focus this year  and my ‘word’

which is SOUL!

When I think about what makes my soul happy – it’s all of the focus and goals I listed! So there you have it, simple, – focus on what makes my soul happy which means – weddings, amazing couples, my family, my friends, my health, traveling…. and so much more! So I raise my coffee mug to 2018! Let’s do this!


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